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Just like last year, the Czech cities and regions have joined forces in order to present themselves in a joint exhibition, CZECH CITIES & REGIONS, at the prestigious 21st Expo Real trade fair of commercial property in Munich, thus providing interested visitors with a comprehensive view of the entire Czech Republic and investment opportunities in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, the South Moravian Region and the Moravian-Silesian Region. If we include 15 co-exhibiting partners, the Czech exhibition is the absolute largest in the history of the fair which opens its gates on October 8 and will last till October 10. It is attended by investors, developers, cities and regions, banks, construction companies, architects, real estate agents and further important players on the European property and investment market.

CZECH CITIES & REGIONS joint exhibition stand at a new site
The exhibition space in a new site in C2 hall, which takes up almost 200 m2, corresponds to the strong Czech representation. Together with the Czech cities and regions, a number of co-exhibitors will also be presenting themselves here: the general partner is Central Group, the partners are Accolade, Asental Land, Linkcity Czech Republic, Residomo and Unibail-Rodamco Czech Republic. Furthermore, CzechInvest Investment and Business Development Agency, Association for Foreign Investment (AFI), Arch.Design, CASUA, Contract management, P3, Portal Investments, PRK Partners, Sekyra Group and Trikaya Project Management are also set to present at the joint exhibition. The event for prospective investors and business partners is scheduled to take place on the stand on Tuesday 9 October, at 3 pm.

PRAGUE: virtualization and data platform as key elements of Smart Prague concept
Prague is set to present, above all, the news in the Smart Prague concept the key elements of which are the Prague Virtualization System and the 3D data model with the aim to provide a tool for more effective management of the city in many areas (such as impacts of the construction and development plans in the context of surrounding buildings, noise propagation, traffic optimisation or modelling of urban development impacts). Visitors will be able to see for themselves how the model works at the stand using virtual reality headsets. The basic cornerstone of the Smart Prague concept is Golemio Data Platform which Prague is also ready to present. Its goal is the effective management of key areas in Prague infrastructure with an aim of improved living conditions for inhabitants and visitors as well as cost savings across various city operations. Last but not least, Prague is set to present a joint project between the capital city and Charles University: Kampus Hybernská (Hybernská Campus), which aims to connect the wide public and cultural projects with the university activities in the environment of modern infrastructure in the historical centre of Prague. The project is divided into two stages: the first of them (short-term stage), known as "Hybernská Is Coming Alive", has been afoot since March 2017 to restore a property at 4 Hybernská Street, which has been long useless, through educational, creative and cultural activities (festivals, exhibitions, conferences etc.). It is envisaged that a modern complex of buildings for the University of the 21st century will be developed during the second, more ambitious stage.

BRNO: sports projects in the Ponava locality, the development of Brno South Quarter as well as the future Špitálka smart district
The new South Quarter (Jižní čtvrť) project in the space between the existing and upcoming station sis new in Brno´s Expo Real presentation. It is a territory on an area of 133 ha, connected to the historical centre. The appearance of South Quarter is beginning to take concrete shape in connection with the decision on the placement of the Brno train station by the Svratka river. The Brno City Chief Architect´s Office is now working on updating the planning study, the aim of which will primarily be to determine the spatial regulations, clarify the delineation of the functional spaces and the transportation infrastructure system, define the connectivity of the spaces and recommend the phasing of the implementation of the technical and transportation infrastructure and construction in the area. Brno will also present at Expo Real the future Špitálka smart district in the central part of the city. The goal of the project is the construction of a new socially, economically and energy sustainable city district with the use of proven smart technologies. The preparation of the urban idea competition is now taking place and it will be announced during Expo Real - on October 10. Last but not least, Brno will be focusing at Expo Real at Ponava locality which was always used for leisure and sports. The city has concentrated the construction of two important sports facilities in this territory with an area of 44.5 ha: a football stadium with a capacity of more than 30,000 spectators and an aquapark for about 2,300 visitors. The location also has potential for new office and residential construction - up to 1,500 apartments could be created there. The City of Brno has adopted a conceptual approach to the entire locality of Ponava, in addition to preparing and coordinating the programmes. It is seeking partners and investors who will participate in the prepared projects in order to speed up the implementation and creation of this new neighbourhood.

OSTRAVA: areas in the centre of the city for a wide range of opportunities
The Moravian-Silesian metropolis is focused on the presentation of spaces in its centre. The aim is to transform the centre of Ostrava into a lively and convenient spot, popular with those living and visiting Ostrava alike. The Land Use Plan envisages mixed-use areas serving the purpose of housing and community facilities designed to suit the centre of the city and include residential buildings, shops and services, administration, offices, cultural, educational, sports and social facilities, catering, accommodation etc. Ostrava has already advanced in its own projects which fulfil this vision: e. g. Modern Art Gallery, which will be located in the refurbished historical building of city slaughterhouse, International Cultural Centre, which will arise in an extension to the slaughterhouse, and the future new apartment house at the intersection of Kostelní and Biskupská streets. The city and the central municipal district are working on several separate projects for new apartment complexes or reconstructions of existing residential blocks. When complete, these projects should provide around 200 extra apartments in the city centre. Moreover, the city has been supporting the University of Ostrava in the plan to build a new multi-purpose facility in the centre of Ostrava on the Černá louka location near the Ostravice river to serve students and the general public. One of the new buildings will be a modern facility for sport, health and technology; the other is a new building for the Art and Design Cluster of the University of Ostrava's Faculty of Arts. The city is offering other spaces for private projects in Karolina, a unique development area in the vicinity of the historic city centre and a new modern neighbourhood. At present, the city is offering nearly 8,300 m2 of land to investors, investment funds and developers in this location, where an architecturally high-quality multi-storey building (or group of urban-type buildings) should be going up. Last but not least, a plan for the sale of a nearby space with an area of more than 30,000 m2 between the Karolina shopping centre and the Trojhalí (Triple Hall) has been prepared with similar regulations. Ostrava has also approx. 59 ha of free plots in the strategic Ostrava-Mošnov industrial zone on offer for investors.

THE SOUTH MORAVIAN REGION: investment opportunities for industry and production as well as for housing and tourism
The South Moravian Region will offer investors the opportunities in the Veselí nad Moravou Industrial Zone (the Government of the CR approved a plan to list this industrial zone among the locations for the development of industrial zones supported by the Government) and in Blansko-Vojánky Industrial Zone. Both the zones are attractive especially for small and medium companies oriented towards the processing industry and production services. The aim is to use the territory and to create job opportunities for local inhabitants. The Region aims to facilitate business development, along with providing satisfaction to the locals and visitors to the area alike. This is why it offers at Expo Real also projects for housing, civic amenities as well as for tourism development. One of them aims to construct residential buildings, houses for individual housing and shops and services in a traffic-free zone of the town of Znojmo, adjacent to a relaxation forest park - in the Znojmo-Pod Městským lesíkem Development Site while the other project has been designed to develop community facilities, including related services, in immediate vicinity of the centre of the town of Břeclav, in the area of a former sugar refinery complex. The goal of both the projects is primarily the resolving the insufficient capacity for housing. The offer for investors also includes the Břeclav brownfield - Castle which is included in the list of immovable cultural monuments and it may serve as a background for tourist industry needs. South Moravia is simultaneously presenting itself as a region that has long been focused on the development of innovations, which it has been involved in since 2001. In 2001, the first Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS) has been developed. It is a long-term plan, which increases the competitiveness of the entire region, along with integrating scientists from universities and research centres, owners of technology centres, local government members and the active population. At present, projects outlined in the fourth RIS and planned for a period from 2014 to 2020 are being implemented.

THE MORAVIAN-SILESIAN REGION: industrial zones, housing as well as recreation
Besides the industrial zones (Nošovice Business Zone connected to the Nošovice Strategic Industrial Zone, Krnov-Červený Dvůr II Industrial Zone, Bruntál West Zone I + III), the Moravian-Silesian Region will offer investors also the Mošnov Multimodal Logistics Center which is linked to the Leoš Janáček Ostrava International Airport. At the same time, the region will present itself as an ideal location not only for business but also for living and leisure. This is why it will present at Expo Real also the project of a residential complex in Nový Jičín where the development study counts on the future construction of more than 300 apartments. The location of the region in the foothills of the Jeseníky mountains, the part of which is also the Slezská Harta dam, gives space for the realization of visionary projects. One of them is a Slezská Harta Resorts project where the construction for tourism development and all-season leisure activities is planned near the dam (in the villages of Razová, Roudno, Leskovec nad Moravicí and Nová Pláň).

The three days of the fair´s events will be literally packed with a great variety of conferences, lectures, and round-table discussions, which are expected to be approximately more than 200 in number, along with speeches delivered by almost 400 participants. The conference speakers will include, for example, Horst Seehofer, the Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Community, and Chris Boos, the pioneer of artificial intelligence. The topics having a great impact on the global real estate market - urban development and the corresponding infrastructure, innovations in real estate sector connected with digitization as well as influence of the global economics and politics on the real estate market - will be also this year in the focus at Expo Real. The growing uncertainty in international politics, trade disputes with the USA, the current high level of international debt following the era of cheap money - this all is also reflected in the international real estate market and will be discussed at Expo Real.

The principal programme consists of 8 discussion forums. The Planning & Partnerships Forum will address the current trends and visions not only of city planning and urbanism, but also of hotel and health care properties. The Expo Real Forum will be a platform for discussions about the global economy and its impact on property sector, about investment strategies as well as about the demographic and social changes. The Discussion & Networking Forum is intended mainly for award ceremonies and a wide spectrum of networking events.Grand Plaza will become a network platform for meeting those who have a say in the matter of retail, including retail chains and brands, along with developers and municipalities. The Investments Locations Forum will provide a platform for experts, who will assess the investment potential and opportunities on property and investment markets in Europe, Asia and North America. The Intelligent Urbanization Forum will provide a reflection of a current trend towards accelerating urbanization. Experts are ready to discuss challenges for global cities resulting from this trend, along with addressing the topic of further sustainable development; the forecasts expect that two thirds of the global population will have been living in cities by 2050. The Real Estate Innovation Forum will be open mainly for discussions about digitization which is currently affecting the property industry in at least three ways: business strategies are changing, new ways of working require different properties, and location criteria are changing as well. Discussions will also focus on integration between technology start-ups, promoting innovation, and well-established real estate companies. This topic will be covered on the Real Estate Innovation Forum - Tech Talk Zone.

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