About us

Crest Communications has been operating on the market since 2004. We provide our clients with all the key Public Relations services.

Since the year 2005 we have been members of the Association of Public Relations Agencies (APRA), in 2006 we became members of the worldwide network of PR agencies, IPRN. Our services have been certified by DNV according to CMS3 standards.

Crest Communications Ostrava originated in 1997 as part of the PR agency AMI Communications. Since 2005 it has been working in a network together with Crest Communications Praha.

There are 27 employees working in our professional team; the key consultants have many years of experience in the field of Public Relations.

Crest Praha
Ostrovní 126/30, 110 00 Praha 1
phone: +420 731 613 608
email: zobrazit
ID datové schránky: 2t9dhvu
Crest Ostrava
Tovární 537/8, 709 00 Ostrava–Mariánské Hory
phone: +420 596 620 435 – 6
email: zobrazit
ID datové schránky: tk7wthy
Crest Bratislava
Murgašova 3, 811 04 Bratislava
phone: +421 904 283 825
email: zobrazit
We have been a member of the Association
of Public Relations Agencies (APRA)
since 28 June 2005.
We have held the CMS 3 CERTIFICATE
(Consultancy Management Standard)
since 13 December 2007.
Jsme členem celosvětové sítě
PR agentur IPRN od března 2007.
Tuto organizaci reprezentujeme
v České republice a na Slovensku.