Strategic Consulting

We provide both long-term communication plans and tactical consulting concerning specific individual aspects of communication for our clients.

Media Relations

Our clients’ proper relations with the media are based on our contacts, the knowledge of the media scene and the adherence to their rules. Our clients’ satisfaction is then based on specific and measureable results.

Event Management

We use the utmost care when we prepare events at which you can meet those that you want to address. From the proposal of the notification and definition of the target group to the scenario, organisation of the event, publicity and final evaluation.

Brand Care

We will get your brand to places advertising can’t reach and we can present its story in an original manner. We prove to our clients that Public Relations are an irreplaceable part of a successful brand’s marketing communication mix.

Online Communication and Social Networks

We have successfully implemented in our work all of the essential changes that the digital era has brought to the field of Public Relations. We are able to send our customers’ messages directly through digital channels and we know how to lead an effective dialogue with consumers on social networks.

Internal Communication

We offer both analyses and consulting concerning internal communication as well as design, the production and management of internal communication channels such as company magazines and intranets.

Media Training

We offer intensive training including theoretic and practical preparation for presentation in the media under the direction of experienced professionals.

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

We are prepared to bring order to corporate social responsibility activities. We propose and implement effective strategies that make maximum use of sponsorship funds and ensure positive publicity in the media.

Crisis Communication

We can teach you how to avoid a crisis, though we also prepare our clients for crisis communication. In today’s complex world this risk cannot be ruled out entirely. Thus if a crisis does erupt, we have the knowledge, experience and capacity to overcome it.

Corporate Communication

When managing a company’s reputation we formulate the communication goals and we define the target groups we will be turning to and the strategies which we will be using. Building relations with the media is a key part of the work, including measurable goals that the agency brings the client.

Crest Praha
Ostrovní 126/30, 110 00 Praha 1
phone: +420 731 613 608
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Crest Ostrava
Tovární 537/8, 709 00 Ostrava–Mariánské Hory
phone: +420 596 620 435 – 6
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Crest Bratislava
Murgašova 3, 811 04 Bratislava
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We have been a member of the Association
of Public Relations Agencies (APRA)
since 28 June 2005.
We have held the CMS 3 CERTIFICATE
(Consultancy Management Standard)
since 13 December 2007.
Jsme členem celosvětové sítě
PR agentur IPRN od března 2007.
Tuto organizaci reprezentujeme
v České republice a na Slovensku.